Alberta Metastatic Breast Cancer (mBC) Support Platform

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To join the mBC Support Platform, begin by choosing your subtype below. Each subtype has its own customized account ready for you to use. 

Hormone-receptor positive, HER2-negative
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What is the Alberta mBC Support Platform?

The mBC Support Platform provides an easy way for you and your caregivers to track medications and symptoms, prepare for appointments and access credible and relevant health information. Through the platform, you are able to search for clinical trials and connect with others living with mBC.

Designed by mBC Patients for mBC Patients

The platform has been designed by metastatic breast cancer patients using an Alberta-based health platform called Zamplo. Dr. Nancy Nixon co-created the application features with patient advisors to serve mBC patients across Alberta.

Goal of the Support Platform

This platform aims to improve decision-making and care for patients with metastatic breast cancer.

*Now available on iOS, Android and Web.​

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Meet the Co-Creator

Dr. Nancy Nixon, MD FRCPC

Dr. Nancy Nixon is currently a full time medical oncologist and researcher at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre and Assistant Professor at the University of Calgary. Her work focuses on providing systemic therapies for cancer patients and she is involved in clinical, translational, and health services research.

To learn more about Dr. Nancy Nixon and her work, click here.

Security and Privacy By Design

Zamplo, as a connected health platform, has been designed with security and privacy at its foundation. Regardless of your privacy-related decisions, we will ensure that our security is continuously monitored, tested and enhanced to keep your data safe.

Each user has complete control over the collection, use and disclosure of personally identifiable information. Any information that is de-identified and aggregated will only be used for research purposes, not marketing. Any identifiable information will only be collected for research with the informed consent of users.

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Support Platform Features

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Create a "Virtual Binder"

Ditch the physical binders and have true data portability with everything you need, where and when you need it.

Create journal entries with your symptoms, medications/supplements, activities, health data, notes and questions.

Easily take a photo with your smartphone or tablet of your health information including lab results, MRI/CT/PET scans, blood work, prescriptions and referrals and save as attachments.

See Your Health Journey

Create an easy-to-view presentation of your clinical history. With this feature, you can customize a timeline of your important health events, such as new prescriptions and key appointments.

You can filter and add new events to your timeline, including:

  • Medication & Supplements
  • Documents & Images
  • Custom Notes categories

Export your Health Journey at any time as a PDF.

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Create Routines

We know you have a lot to remember...

Keeping track of medications, monitoring symptoms, diet and food intake, movement and exercise, and mental health check-ins can be overwhelming.

Let us help remind you! 

Set up a routine and create reminders for reoccurring medications, supplements and activities while tracking health data and symptoms.

Invite Caregivers and Careteam

Invite a caregiver

Instead of passing around a binder, invite a caregiver to contribute to your virtual binder. They too can easily scan, enter and manage your health care information. 

Invite a member from your Careteam

Invite a member of your Careteam to contribute, manage and view your health care information. 

You control the level of access that Caregivers and the members of your Careteam have.

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Access Health Resources

The Health Library is a central location to find information specific to mBC. With your account, you will have access to prepopulated resources specific to your subtype.

These resources have been chosen by an oncologist and include websites, videos, images, and documents. 

Create a Community of Support

With the Community feature, as a patient, you can connect with others living with mBC or who have a similar diagnosis.

As a caregiver, you can connect with others caring for a patient with mBC.

Find support in a community of peers. You can chat one-to-one and learn about symptom and management strategies, wellness and advocacy tips, and more. 

Your conversations are encrypted and never shared.

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