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When integrated with the Zamplo App (participant-facing platform), Zamplo Research can be used to monitor and collect electronic patient-reported outcomes (ePROs), longitudinal data for any medical condition or therapy with built-in participant compliance monitoring to improve adherence.

Streamline Onboarding

Streamline your research study with quick setup and participant enrolment.

The Zamplo team configures Zamplo for your project so you can focus on participant enrolment. Use QR codes or email invites to increase recruitment rates.

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QR Code Sign Up
Streamline participant onboarding using QR codes.
Bulk Import
Easily onboard participants to studies with bulk import or individual enrolment.
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Collect Participant Consent
Collect consent in-app by creating and distributing consent forms to participants.
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Create Study Groups
Assign participants into different groups for controlled survey scheduling and resource sharing.

Configure Standardized Surveys

Create and send standardized questionnaires to participants to collect the precise outcomes established in the aims of your study. Ask participants a standardized set of questions, like symptoms of depression or pain. 

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Choose from Multiple Question Types
Choose from question formats, including single and multiple selection, symptom slider, and survey table.
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Create Branching Paths
Select branching options: next question, skip to question, and skip to question based on selected option.
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Set Survey Schedules
Use Survey Schedules to send out a Survey at a certain point throughout the study, after a specific event occurs, or to a certain group.
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Collect Participant Consent
Attach consent forms to collect consent once per survey, once per survey instance, or once per participant.

Configure Health Routine Templates

Routines are beneficial if you want to collect supplementary data to further inform the study results. Routines, captured as participant journal Entries, allow you to gather different points of health information such as symptoms that are tracked over time.

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Health Information That Can Be Tracked

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Wearable Integration

The participant Zamplo App connects directly with wearable devices. Data captured by the wearable is automatically uploaded daily, in real-time, as a Routine entry.

Engage and Empower Participants

Empower participants to take an active role in their health. Participants can self-monitor from anywhere globally, on the web or on their preferred mobile device. This allows for real-world evidence to be collected in real-time, all while helping participants to monitor and track their health digitally.

Once a research project is complete, participants keep their data for life, improving retention and connection.

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participant empowerment
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Share Health Resources
Upload and share health resources (including websites, documents, and videos) to all participants or select individuals.
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Community of Peers
Individuals can connect one-to-one with others with the same diagnosis to share experiences, wellness and advocacy tips, and more.
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Caregiver Access
Participants can invite a caregiver or care team member to help contribute, manage, and view health information.
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Participant Data Ownership
Data inputted into the Zamplo App is owned by the participant, allowing them to contribute data to future studies.

Platform Support

Data Security and Ethics

Commitment to privacy and security is at the core of Zamplo Research.

All infrastructure is managed by Zamplo Software service. All data is encrypted and resides in Canada. Data export can be performed only by authorized users of your study team.

Research participants own their data, allowing them to contribute to studies in the future and keep their data for life.

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