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How Zamplo is used for research 

Zamplo, when paired with the researcher application Zamplo Research, can be used in clinical studies for remote monitoring of patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) data.

Zamplo Research allows for researchers to configure and create templates and surveys for the collection of patient data through Zamplo.

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Benefits of Zamplo Research

Real-World, Real-Time Data

Real-World, Real-Time Data

Scale across borders, one-tool for multi-site studies

Patient-Reported Outcomes

Patient-Reported Outcomes


ZoeInsights allows you to customize

Customization Tools

Create customized surveys, metrics, and activities

Data Security and Privacy

Data Security and Privacy

Data is stored encrypted on AWS servers in Canada. Personal data is never sold to 3rd parties.

Zamplo's cutting-edge innovation and mHealth research

  • Remote monitoring of PROMs data for clinical trials 
  • Add or edit PROMs questionnaires at any point during the trial and send them instantly to trial participants
  • Streamline recruitment and enrollment in research studies via bulk import and individual online enrollment
  • Reduce attrition rates with built-in participant engagement tools through notifications, reminders, and a precision-medicine based algorithm

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What we offer

Scalable solution for longitudinal PROMs data collection that benefits patients & researchers

Secure encrypted data extracts that prioritize patient privacy for multisite clinical trials

Built in participant engagement & compliance monitoring that improves adherence
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Find out how Zamplo can be customized for your research

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Ongoing Research Using Zamplo

EXCEL-LOGO-University of Calgary
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EXercise for Cancer to
Enhance Living Well


Metabolics And Genetics
In Calgary

EXCEL is a research project that will provide an evidence-based exercise and behaviour change program to rural and remote cancer survivors across Canada. EXCEL will aim to reduce health disparities in rural remote cancer survivors. 

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M.A.G.I.C Clinic and Zamplo have partnered up together to bring the Zamplo app to clinic patients as part of a clinical study. The purpose is to see if Zamplo can help patients stay engaged in their healthcare treatment.

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Your health data in your hands

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