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Dan Dorland Photo
"Zamplo application made tracking my joint pain condition and treatment so simple and easy. I needed a solution like this as I went undiagnosed for many years and had to find out my triggers independently. Zamplo application is a very helpful tool for those serious about taking charge of their health."
Dan Dorland


"Zamplo has allowed myself as a cancer caregiver to better track, monitor, and update our journey 24/7. Nowhere else is there such a great tool that incorporates everything we need. It has reduced our stress, improved our decision making, and gives us, our health care professionals and support team a better and more accurate picture of my wife’s journey."
Don Wood

Cancer Caregiver and Family Advisor

“As a health behavior change researcher, we will examine the implementation and impact of the Zamplo app to continue to support cancer survivors to build wellness into their usual routine. Having the ability to provide feedback based on participant responses, and collect patient-reported outcomes along with their activities, will be instrumental in understanding how to both deliver and assess the impact of our physical activity interventions."
Dr. Nicole Culos-Reed

Professor, Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Calgary

"I have been living with Multiple Sclerosis for over 15 years. Managing my disease and navigating in and outside the health system has meant collecting mountains of files of valuable health information. Feeling empowered to take control of my own health is how I maintain a positive attitude and remain determined, which has allowed me to thrive despite having a threatening health condition. When I learned about Zamplo, I felt gratitude and relief, finally there's a way to easily consolidate and share my information with my health practitioners and care partners! I am so proud to endorse Zamplo to help us all move towards a more patient empowered future.”
Crystal Phillips

Patient and Advocate

"I was fortunate enough to be able to be a part of the initial Zamplo App that was created. This was a very valuable tool for myself as a cancer patient. It allowed me to keep all of my important information with me at all times. Previously, I was keeping all of my questions, results, medications, schedules etc in a book that I carried everywhere. This became very frustrating when in an appointment and having to search through paperwork to find what I needed. Having an App at my fingertips made this overwhelming process much easier to manage. Being able to create notes as they came to mind instead of trying to remember to write them down in my book was invaluable. As a survivor and a caregiver, this is an important tool to be able to access in organizing health information."
Krystal Kitchen

Cancer Survivor and Caregiver

"I love the idea of a digital record-keeping system like Zamplo to place my known medical history. With the ease of accessing my data from the cloud, I feel comfort in knowing that I can whip out the planning tool that is my smartphone, and log-in to find those very same records I kept in my binder. I can also hope to access a community of others like me, to help and to serve."
Penny Greening

Cancer survivor

“Sarah and I have been caring for our son Evan (16) for 12 years, who is severely disabled as a result of mitochondrial disease and have struggled to keep all our medical information together as well as track symptoms. It is often overwhelming as a caregiver of a child with complex special needs to keep track of all the pieces. Zamplo is a care management app that is an effective tool that can now be that one central place to do all this, including all contact details for Evan’s medical care team, medications and doses, appointment schedules, etc. Using this app, I feel we are doing a better job as parents/caregivers by keeping on top of Evan’s care and are more prepared for clinic appointments.”
Blaine Penny 

Evan’s Dad

Blaine and Evan NL Beach (1)
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"Zamplo provides a complete record of my son’s health information and health care journey. A complete record includes self-reported outcomes along with all records from his health care team. Having all of this information in one place supports good decision making and a single digital source means no more binders! His health information is portable and can be easily shared with others. The very useful graphing function allows for a quick analysis of the impact of changes to his health care plan."
Alana Kitchen

Caregiver and Mother

Your Health Data In Your Hands

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