Research Project

Getting global Rare disease Insights through Technology (GRIT)

M.A.G.I.C Clinic

The M.A.G.I.C Clinic is conducting the GRIT Study using the Zamplo app to explore if a connected health platform increases patients' engagement in their healthcare treatment, and see how the app can help Dr. Khan and other physicians treat patients.

During the study, 50% of participants will have access to Zamplo to use the app as they like, by creating journal entries, recording and tracking medication and completing a few questionnaires about their experience.

For more information, including eligibility, click here.

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Zamplo in Action

During the study, participants will be given questionnaires about their satisfaction, how they are using the app to manage their condition, and the medical outcomes from using the app. Zamplo will be used by participants to:

Meet the Team

Clinic Coordinator

Desmond Koo

Desmond Koo holds a Master of Biomedical Technology and a Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences degree. Desmond is experienced in managing study contracts and resources. For the GRIT Study, Desmond manages and coordinates technical resources to support the study team behind the scenes.​

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Research Coordinator

Elleine Allapitan

Elleine Allapitan is the G.R.I.T. Study’s research coordinator and has years of experience as a research assistant at the University of Calgary and the M.A.G.I.C. Clinic. Elleine has a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Psychology and a minor in Biological Sciences.

Your Health Data In Your Hands

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