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Zamplo Team Apr 5, 2021 2:53:48 PM

Using Zamplo for Routine Self-Monitoring of Skin Cancer

With skin cancer becoming more prevalent, it’s important to watch for changes in symptoms such as a new growth on your skin or a change in an already existent mole. Having routines in place can help remind you to do a self-examination, take medications, and document any symptoms. Zamplo allows individuals to create a virtual health binder where they can keep all their health data in one location. Track and manage your routines by creating journals, adding attachments, tracking symptoms and medication, and creating reports. Users can also set reminders for specific time periods to help them remember reoccurring health responsibilities they manage. Let’s explore more in-depth on how Zamplo can help you manage your health. 
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Zamplo Team Apr 3, 2021 11:30:41 AM

How to get into the healthy habit of self-monitoring for skin cancer

Skin cancer and self-monitoring Skin cancer accounts for one-third of all cancer cases, making it the most common type of cancer among Canadians (Government of Canada). Self-monitoring is crucial for the early detection of skin cancer in order to treat and cure it. Everyone should self-monitor, but it is particularly important for it to be done by individuals who have certain risk factors that increase their chance of getting skin cancer. For example, some of these factors include skin tone, family history, or having light-colored eyes (Canadian Skin Cancer Society).
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Hellen Villena Jan 12, 2021 10:00:33 AM

Improving mental health

From movies such as Inside Out and hit television shows like HBO’s Euphoria, we have seen unprecedented progress when it comes to having open discussions about mental health. Once stigmatized and swept under the rug, the concern for mental wellness came to the forefront of everyone’s thoughts during the global pandemic, and we have all learned the hard way that caring for the mind is just as essential as caring for the body.
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