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Data + Insights = Empowerment 

Zamplo is a digital binder for your whole health dataset. 

Here at Zamplo, we believe that everyone should own and have rights to their data.

How Zamplo Can Support You

Health data is siloed by design. Zamplo is a digital binder that brings fragmented health data together through a person-centered approach. We empower individuals with the tools they need to acquire their health information and take ownership of their whole health journey. 

Zamplo can be used by individuals, clinical researchers, health care practitioners, and patient advocacy groups. Click through our use cases down below for more information about how we can best support you.

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All of your health information, in one place 

Zamplo is a person-centered, connected health platform that empowers individuals to store and track health information all in one place. With the Zamplo app, individuals can upload health documents as attachments, and log symptoms, activities, medications and supplements. Individuals can create a virtual binder with journal entries and visualize their health data as graphs and reports

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Zamplo Research is revolutionizing data collection 

We create whole health datasets for better health outcomes.

Using Zamplo Research, researchers and pharmaceuticals can remotely monitor and collect patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs). Researchers and pharmaceuticals have the tools to customize surveys and integrate wearables for the collection of real-world evidence and real-time patient data. We offer secure, encrypted data extracts that prioritize patient privacy for decentralized clinical trials. 

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Monitor patient health data 

We create whole health datasets for better health outcomes.

Zamplo is a person-centered, connected health platform. Through Zamplo, health care providers can view and monitor a patient's health data digitally to see trends and changes in their health.  

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Are you a patient advocacy group or patient organization? 

Zamplo is a person-centred, connected health platform. Modernize patient support and increase your reach by simplifying patient onboarding, increasing patient activation, customizing patient communities, educational material, symptom management tools, and data collection. 

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Empowering You Through Your Health Journey

Track Your Data

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Access Health Insights

Create Routines

Routines can be created for anything. Whether you want to track changes in your mental health, or are looking to figure out certain triggers, Routines can help you to form habits.

It is also a tool that allows you to easily schedule reminders for the daily, weekly, or monthly tasks that you need to complete.

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Create Journal Entries

Journals are a great way to document important information that will always be available to you on the app.

Whether it's about current symptoms, or making notes about how your health journey is going, Journals are an excellent way to record what is pressing to you.

Create and Share Reports

Reports allow you to see a snapshot of your Medications, Symptoms, Health Data and overall health journey

These reports allow you to easily share an overview of your health with your care team or at your next appointment with a health care provider. Reports can help to better equip you to advocate for yourself

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Invite Caregivers

Friends and family often play a huge role in your health care journey. They are a support system, and oftentimes will help you with appointments and research

It is important to decide what information you want to share on your journey. Instead of passing around a binder, invite a Caregiver to contribute to your virtual binder

Health Ownership

With the right tools and support, individuals will take ownership of their own health

Digital Health Binder

Individuals should have a single source of truth for their health information, all within their control


Everyone benefits by focusing on their health and sharing their data with the world

Health Equity

An individual's ability to self-manage their health should not depend on their location or financial means

Your Health Data In Your Hands

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