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The future of health and health data is person-centered. Our point-of-care platform is designed to place the person at the center while remotely capturing patient-reported outcomes and wearable data to provide valuable real-world insights into treatment efficacy and patient experiences. It helps identify adverse events, provides patients support, and empowers individuals to manage their care themselves.

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Case Studies

Remote Monitoring

Zamplo is being used as a platform to remotely monitor self-reported symptoms or reactions of patients undergoing radiation therapy. Outcome reports communicated via the Zamplo app triggered immediate healthcare interventions in 37.5% of instances. If left unaddressed, these instances could have led to complications for the patients and potentially resulted in ER admission costs. Additionally, the project saw retention rates of 75% compared to the current method.

Clinical Care

The Institute of Health Economics conducted an economic evaluation of Zamplo in its use by Fabry patients. Zamplo is a novel solution to support patients and the health care system in better managing chronic pain and reducing the health care system burden. Zamplo used in conjunction with usual care has the potential to save healthcare costs by $50,000 a year per patient and improve patient-provider communication.

Patient Support

 Dr. Nancy Nixon, a medical oncologist, and Zamplo Inc. launched a new patient support platform, Alberta Metastatic Breast Cancer (mBC) Support Platform. Co-designed by metastatic breast cancer patients and Dr. Nixon, the support platform allows individuals living with mBC and their caregivers to track health information, prepare for appointments, and view their whole health journey. Through the platform, individuals can access credible and relevant information.

Qualitative and Quantitative Data Collection

Collect real-world data on patient quality of life and remotely monitor patient-reported outcomes (PROs) data through standardized surveys.

Further inform the results of a project by collecting supplementary health data such as symptoms, medications, or activities that are tracked over time.

Share health resources to all individuals or select participants.

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Effortless Data Authorization

One-step e-consent - attach a customized consent form to a survey for virtual collection. Collect once per survey, per instance, or per participant. E-consent can be collected on-site to facilitate immediate recruitment.

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Wearable and Technology Integrations

Zamplo connects directly with wearable and other technological devices to collect device-reported outcome measures in addition to PROs. Data captured by the wearable is automatically uploaded in real-time. This integration allows for one central location for all data collection.

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Configurable for Any Mental or Physical Health Condition

Configure health routines and standardized PROMs surveys to track adverse events, activities, medications, or social prescriptions. Participants from various conditions or therapies can have a custom experience designed just for them.

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Participant Engagement and Self-Management

Empower participants to take an active role in their health through the ability to record, understand, and share, with consent, their health information to their circle of care at any time. Participants can access relevant resources provided by their clinical care team.

Once a project is complete, participants keep their data for life, improving retention and connection.

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How Zamplo Can Benefit You

Ethics Submission Process

The Zamplo team aids in protocol write-ups and ethics submissions to ensure a smooth process. Projects using Zamplo have received ethics approval from universities such as the University Health Network and the University of Calgary.

One-Step Onboarding

The Zamplo team configures Zamplo for your project so you can focus on participant enrolment. Use QR codes or email invites to increase recruitment rates.

Personalized Support

Zamplo offers customized support to both Zamplo Research users and participants. Receive Zamplo Research training, one-on-one support, and access to an online knowledge base.

Participant Compliance

Built-in participant compliance monitoring works to improve adherence. Send push notifications and emails to remind participants to complete Surveys and Routines.

Data Security and Privacy

All data is communicated over encrypted connections and resides in Montreal, Canada. Zamplo Inc. does not have access to identifiable study data. 

Real-Time Data Extracts

Securely extract participant data in real-time for ongoing trials in a CSV format. Data extraction can only be performed by authorized users.

Faster Publications

With quicker study setup and recruitment, REB templates, and immediate access to participant data, finalize results and create your project publications faster.

Upholding the Highest Security and Privacy Standards

What Users are Saying About Zamplo

"Custom support is wonderful. I appreciate the flexibility of the setup, you can configure the surveys etc. to meet almost every need."
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Clinician Investigator
University Health Network
"We chose Zamplo Research over other electronic data capture because we were - and still are - very aligned with a 'client first' focus. We were very drawn to its ability to be customizable. We were also very attracted by its ability to provide a two pronged approach of client facing as well as 'evaluation' through its research component."
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Mental Health Clinic
"I enjoy the app... it's quite easy to use and doesn't take very long to enter the information that I’m keeping track of.”​
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Rare Disease Study Participant
"The most exciting part of Zamplo is the ability to keep data in one place securely and extract periodically. I like that people can change journals and it's easy to access. Additionally, I appreciate that asks I have for the app are actually attended to."
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Postdoctoral Research Associate
University of Calgary
"It’s difficult for clinicians to access PROMs in Alberta due to the health care system – Zamplo helped solve this for us in a way where patients can also keep track of side effects and bring that information to their appointments."
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Therapeutic Specialist
"... collecting this data and storing it will give me a better perspective over, let's say a one-year or...five-year time period, and that'll be a better assessment of where my health is in each of those different stages.”​
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Rare Disease Study Participant

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