How to Create a Routine

Routines can be created for anything! Whether you want to track changes in your mental health, find out more about the side effects of a certain treatment, or are looking to create new habits.

In this how-to tutorial, learn how to create a Routine in the Zamplo App.

Watch the video below or click here to read the step-by-step guide.


To create a Routine:

  1. Open the Zamplo App
  2. Navigate towards the bottom of the screen, then click on "more"
  3. Click on "Routines"
  4. Here, you will see the main Routines page. Click on the orange "Add" button near the top of the screen
  5. Enter the name of your routine
  6. Enter in the information you want to record, such as symptoms, medications, or activities
  7. Click on "Reminder" to set a notification
  8. Click "Save"

You have now created a Routine. You can easily scroll to the bottom of your Dashboard and create your Routine Entry as needed.

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