How to Add Your Health Data

Health Data helps you keep track of any information related to your health metrics. Use this feature to track specific health-related data such as blood pressure, weight, hours of sleep, and even emotions.

In this how-to tutorial, learn how to add Health Data to the Zamplo App.

Watch the video below or click here to read the step-by-step guide.



To add your health data:

1. Open your Zamplo App

2. From the Dashboard, navigate toward the bottom of the screen and click on “More

3. Then click on “Health Data

4. From here, select the “New Health Data” button near the top of the screen

5. Enter your Health Data and Unit of Measure

6. Select your Graph Properties for how you want to visualize your health data

7. Click “Save”

There you go! You have now successfully completed adding your health data! Now it’s ready to be recorded and tracked through your journals. 


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