How to Add Your Activities

Activities can aid in forming healthy habits and are beneficial for your overall health.

In this how-to tutorial, learn how to add an Activity to the Zamplo App.

Watch the video below or click here to read the step-by-step guide.



To add your Activities:

1. Open your Zamplo App

2. Click on the orange "+" button from the tab bar at the bottom of the screen and select "Medicine or Therapy"

Tip #1: Alternatively, you can navigate towards the bottom of the screen and click on "More" then "Med/Supplements & Activities."

3. Select the "Enter Manually" Input Form

4. Select "Activity" near the top of the screen

5. Type in the activity and either select from the pre-populated list or select "Create Custom"

Tip #2: Activities and movements can look different for everyone. Some activities include walking, gardening, movies, basketball, playing cards, etc.

6. Use the drop-down list to change the measures (minutes, hours, repetitions, or sessions) and then use the plus or minus buttons to increase or decrease the quantity

7. Use the list to select the desired frequency– "Daily," "Weekly," or "As Needed"

8. Fill in any additional informational information

9. Track any Health Data by selecting from previously entered health data or creating a custom

10. Instructions and Prescriber allows you to select from previously entered contacts or add a new contact that has prescribed the activity to you with instructions

11. Click on the "Start Date" and "End Date" for the pop-up calendar and select your dates

12. Enter any Notes or To-Dos

13. If you have an attachment to add, scroll to the top and select "Attachment," then either take a photo or upload a file

14. Click "Save"

Tip #3: Once an activity has been saved, you can view it on your dashboard and quickly add it to your journal once completed.

And that's it! You can now enter Activities into the Zamplo App.


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