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How to add Medications/Supplements

Learn how to easily add your medications and supplements.



Add Medications/Supplement

  1. Click on the Global Add button and select Medication/Supplements and Activities 
  2. Select Enter Manually  

    Search by name/din  

    1. Type in the name or din number of the medication/supplement  
    2. Select the desired medication from the system list or select a custom  
    3. By selecting from the suggested list, the din number and units will automatically populate  

    Change Quantity, Units 

    1. Use the plus and minus buttons to increase or decrease the quantity  
    2. Use the dropdown menu to change the units  


    1. Use the dropdown menu to select the amount of time 
    2. Select your desired frequency - daily, weekly or as needed  

    More Information:  

    1. Enter instructions, examples: take with food, take before bed  
    2. Enter in prescriber, you can select from previously entered contacts or create a new 
    3. Click on the Start Date for the pop-up calendar
    4. Use the calendar to select the start date and end date

    See Notes, Tasks & Questions and Attachments for more information