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How to add Activities

ZoeInsights looks beyond physical activities, add social events as custom activities.

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Add Activities 

  1. Click on the Global Add button and select Medication/Supplements and Activities 
  2. Select enter manually  
  3. Select Activity on the top left  
  4. Enter in activity
  5. Use the dropdown to select measure (minutes, hours, repetitions and sessions) 
  6. Use the plus and minus buttons to change the quantity  

Activities may include gardening, running, laughing, bowling, playing bridge  


  1. Use the dropdown menu to select the amount of time 
  2. Select your desired frequency - daily, weekly or as needed  

More Information

  1. Enter in Health Data, you can select from previously entered health data or create a custom 
  2. Enter instructions and prescriber, you can select from previously entered contacts or create a new 
  3. Click on the Start Date to trigger the pop-up calendar 
  4. Use the calendar to select the start date, you can go back as far as needed 

See Notes, Tasks & Questions and Attachments for more information.