Zamplo has teamed up with the Canadian Association of Pompe to help people like you

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Introducing a Global Clinical Study for people living with Pompe!

The G.R.I.T Study

Getting global Rare disease Insights through Technology

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Zamplo and Canadian Association of Pompe are working together to bring those living with Pompe closer together!

Building a community

We know that it can be hard to find people who understand what you are going through.

Which is why we want to build a community for people who live with Pompe or other health conditions.


How we can help!

Zamplo will be launching a new tool called "Community" to help you find people in the Pompe community with the same or a similar diagnosis!

In the final stage of development, this Community feature helps connect users worldwide living with a diagnosis similar to others.

The importance of a community

In joining this community of support, you can learn from other individuals' first-hand experiences with Pompe disease, sharing symptom and management strategies, advocacy tips, and so much more.

Get started on Zamplo and stay tuned for the release of this feature!

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Zamplo empowers you to manage your health journey - digitally.

Now you can privately, quickly and easily use your smart phone or tablet to...


Create a virtual binder

Keep all your health data in one central location.

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Invite caregivers to easily track and manage your health data.

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Graph health data

Graph health data to visually see trends, patterns, and triggers.

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Create reports

summarize your health data into reports that you can show during your appointments.

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Create routines

Keep track of medications and treatments, monitor symptoms, physical activity and mental health.

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Coming soon! Find people globally with the same diagnosis as you to discuss experiences, symptoms, treatments, and much more.

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Create a "Virtual Binder"

Create journal entries with your symptoms, medications/supplements, activities, health data, notes and questions that save to your "virtual binder."

Easily take a photo with your smartphone or tablet of your health information including lab results, MRI/CT/PET scans, blood work, prescriptions and referrals and save as attachments to your "virtual binder"

Zamplo Premium uses optical character recognition, to easily search keywords through your virtual binder.

No more flipping through pages!

Ditch the physical binders and have true data portability with everything you need, where and when you need it.

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Easily share your information

Invite a Caregiver

Friends and family often play a huge role in your health care journey. 

Instead of passing around a binder, invite a caregiver to contribute to your virtual binder. 

They too can easily scan, enter and manage your health care information. 

Invite a member from your Careteam

Instead of telling your story over and over again, invite a member of your Careteam to contribute, manage and view your health care information. 

You control the level of access of your Caregivers and the members of your Careteam.

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Graph your health data

Throughout any health journey, patients and caregivers collect overwhelming amounts of health data and information.

Using Zamplo, you can track, graph, analyze and view trends in your symptoms, activities and health data.

By better understanding your trends in your health data, will allow for more informed decision making and enhance your engagement at your medical appointments and throughout your health care journey.

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Create Reports

Whether it's the uncertainty, the frustration of telling the same story to four different health care providers in one day, or the effects of treatment, a health journey can leave you exhausted when you need your energy the most.

Before your next appointment, create a report to summarize the information in your journal entries to provide a snapshot of your symptoms, medications, health data, treatment regime, and questions.

Feel more organized and more empowered to advocate for yourself, by having your health data in your hands. 

Read more from a patients perspective about leading your own health journey. 

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Create Routines

We know you have a lot to remember...

Keeping track of medications, treatments, monitoring symptoms, diet and food intake, movement and exercise, and mental health check-ins can be overwhelming.

Let us help remind you! 

Set up a routine by entering and creating reminders for reoccurring medications, supplements and activities while tracking health data and symptoms. 

Zamplo connects to Health Canada Drug Product Database to provide accuracy with your medications and supplements. 

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Privacy By Design

Each user has complete control over the collection, use and disclosure of personally identifiable information. Any identifiable information will only be collected for research with the informed consent of users.

Security By Design

We ensure that Zamplo security is continuously monitored, tested and enhanced to keep your data safe.

Privacy Policy

Your health data in your hands
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